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HOW TO: Tie the PERFECT bridal bow with ease!

You may not know this, but there is a specific way that a bridal bow should be tied! This is to make sure that the bow stays straight and doesn't flop throughout the day.

We have put together a simple step by step guide, to walk you through each stage, and make sure your a fulfilling your bridesmaid duties to the best of your ability (as obviously the bride can't tie her own bow!). If you're a present-wrapping-pro then you might already know this technique! This method will work for all fabric bows, from satin to tulle and beyond.

Scroll through the gallery for the visual tutorial, we will explain each step below!


10 steps to Bridal Bow Perfection:

  1. Make sure the belt is central at the front and that the strands are even on both sides, you don't want to be adjusting the position once the bow is tied!

  2. Pass the left strand over the right, then under and up behind

  3. Pull to secure, keeping the 'X' shape you have created, and put the now TOP strand out of the way over the brides shoulder

  4. With the BOTTOM strand, create a loop angled to the left, dont worry too much about the size of the loop

  5. Now FLIP IT over the the right (this is the key to success!)

  6. Keep hold of this with your left hand, and now DROP the TOP strand down in front, you should start to see your bow take shape

  7. Feed this strand through the space that your fingers have created (holding the first loop) between the loop and the 'X'

  8. Pull through just enough to match the first loop size

  9. Now PULL TIGHT, it has to be super secure as you don't want it coming undone during the walk down the aisle!

  10. The final steps are adjusting and 'fluffing out' the bow, make sure the loops are even and the tighten again if necessary


We also have a video tutorial if you want to be talked through the steps by us!


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