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Bon Voyage!

Destination Dream Dress Bride

So many Dream Dress brides now opt to say ‘I do’ abroad, and who can blame them! The glorious sunshine, blue skies and sandy beaches make for a gorgeous backdrop to your ceremony, and often a fantastic holiday at the same time too, BONUS!

With the popularity of weddings abroad ever increasing, so does the range of gowns our brides choose to wear. Our brides love everything from the more traditional floaty styles, right through to exaggerated fishtails and ball gowns, which are sure to stun all of your guests!

With designers now becoming more creative with lighter fabrics and lace, the unexpected bridal gowns can often be just as cool and comfortable on the day as any other dress, the possibilities are truly endless. So go all out and wear what you want, it is your special day after all!

Bon Voyage!

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